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Us cellular contacts

Basic Phones. Visit the My Contacts Backup site. Go · Android backup solutions. Android™-Powered Phones. View contact backup solutions for your. Google/Gmail wants to act as your master contacts list, so any contacts synchronized with My Contacts Backup, Outlook, Facebook, etc., before signing- in to. Phone numbers & email addresses for U.S. Cellular customer service. Contact information for new or current customers to call, email or chat.

If you need a question answered or are interested in signing up for wireless service, please e-mail us your request by filling out the form below. The more. The contact information you have stored in your phone is precious. Losing your phone would be sad, but losing all your contacts could be a disaster. You can. As of September 30th, customers with Smartphone devices will no longer be able to access their My Contacts Backup account. The good news is we have .

For additional news or information, please contact a representative from the U.S. Cellular® Media Relations team or complete the Media Request Form. Find out why you should back up your phone to the cloud. U.S. Cellular can tell you how to back up your phone contacts, pictures & more to. Your Samsung Galaxy Axiom™ makes it easy to add contacts from many sources , such as your email address book, a corporate Exchange server, and your. View contact backup solutions for U.S. Cellular basic phones and smartphones. U.S. Cellular® phone (always a free call) or call our toll-free number Find your closest U.S. Cellular® store location to stop by or schedule an in-store appointment. View FAQs for answers to common questions or send an e-mail to customer service.